Collision Body & Fender NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYC
Collision Body & Fender NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYCCollision Body & Fender NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYCCollision Body & Fender NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYCCollision Body & Fender NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYC
Collision Body & Fender NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYCCollision Body & Fender Automotive Services, NY, NYC, Brooklyn, BronxPaintless Auto Body Repair NYAuto Insurance Acceptedcar accidentSprayable Bed Liner
  Pat DiSilvio's Body & Fender - In Case of Car Accident
In Case of an Accident: CALL US at 718-584-0336
  • We will help you make a first report to any insurance company.
  • We follow up to have your vehicle inspected.
  • We negotiate with the insurance company to get an agreed price to repair your vehicle, returning it to pre-accident condition and follow up on payment.

After all getting in to an accident should be the hard part not the repair process. Let our family help your family.

24 Hour Towing:

If you need a tow after hours or on the weekend call 718-823-1313
and tell them car is going to Pat DiSilvio’s Body & Fender Shop...and they will bring your car to us the next working day.

YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING. We'll pay the tow and submit the bill to the insurance company.

Pat DiSilvio’s Auto Collision Repair - Photo Guide for Immediate Estimate

Getting an accurate estimate relies on following a simple, easy procedure to supply the best photos you can to our auto body repair facility or online adjusters.

Pat DiSilvio’s Immediate Estimator has provided this handy photo guide and suggests you use it as a reference when documenting your vehicle’s damage and information.

During the documentation process you will need to take a series of photos, download them to your computer, and then upload them via a simple web-form to our online database. Each of these steps are explained in this document.

We recommend taking pictures at a medium resolution to endure ease and speed of uploads. As camera models, features and functions vary, you may need to consult your camera’s operating manual for some assistance.


Preferable camera angles to document your vehicle’s damage

Q. What kind of camera do I need?
A. Almost any digital camera will do. The most important requirement is to have the ability of downloading image files to your computer. This can be accomplished with a media card reader or in some camera models by simply plugging the camera into your computer’s USB port. Please see your camera owner’s manual to find which method will work best for you.
Q. Should I use a flash?
A. The ideal situation is to take your photos in a well-lit location, preferably outside, using natural light as opposed to the flash. This is because flash can potentially reflect off the car body making it harder to see the actual damage.
Q. Do I need to take all the angles?
A. Angels are the ideal method and angle(s) of photography preferred to help our selected auto body repair facilities and our online adjusters respond with the most accurate estimate possible. All angles may not be necessary. We review each submission carefully and may request additional photographs, or may ask you to visit our facility for an in-person inspection.
Q. Where can I find my vehicle’s VIN#?
A. All cars and trucks sold in the US are required to display an unique seventeen digit number called the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. This is located on the driver’s-side of the dashboard and can be read from the outside of the vehicle.

Please make sure you have written the number down correctly, as your estimate may rely on the VIN as a confirmation, or clarification, of your vehicle’s exact year, make and model. 


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